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Women Economic Forum 2017 – in New Delhi from 8th May to 13th May.

Women Economic Forum 2017 brochure (Click Here to View)

The Embassy of the Republic of India in Reykjavik presents its compliments and has the honour to extend an invitation from the All Ladies League (ALL) to attend the Women Economic Forum 2017 in New Delhi, India.

This year’s edition was most successful with 1200 delegates – women and men – from 110 countries joining in, and large delegations of business people from many countries coming in. We hope to have 2000 delegates from 150 countries for Women Economic Forum 2017. Women Economic Forum (WEF) is part of the ALL Ladies League (ALL), the world’s largest league and international chamber of women leading with an inclusive vision. ALL is an ‘Internet’ of women with over 30,000 members across 500+ chapters spanning 110 countries (and growing), forming a positive chain of change and progress. The live feed of course like this year again will go out freely to thousands across all countries. We welcome you to submit your interest as a speaker on the website or email us at: Dr. Harbeen Arora, Global Chairperson,
Email: Direct Mobile: +918860222228. We also welcome and will honor your nominations for the Awards categories at WEF 17.

The focus of Women Economic Forum 2017 – in New Delhi from 8th May to 13th May – is to help all, and especially women, grow their businesses – expand internationally, start and scale start-ups, tap into Make in India opportunities and gain access to wide international networks for innovative collaborations. The focus is on helping you grow your businesses – expanding internationally, learning how to convert your ideas into viable Start-Ups, connecting to mentors, networking with entrepreneurs in different countries, and tapping into business and Make in India opportunities in the fastest growing, innovative and diverse economy of India.

It is in this regard that Embassy solicits your support and circulate to interested stakeholders in your region such as women entrepreneurs, SMEs and businesses who would like to join and benefit from the immense networking, branding and learning opportunities this event offers, and to request you to disseminate / share this information amongst other Associations, and those for whom, you feel, should be invited for this Forum, their details may also please be indicated and forwarded to this Embassy and we would be happy to extend invitations to them on your recommendations.