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Indians Driving in Iceland

Indians Driving in Iceland Drivers License All driving licenses issued from the US, Canada and the European Economic Area (EEA) are valid in Iceland. A driving license issued from anywhere else is valid provided it has: (i) A license number (ii) The license holder’s photograph (iii) The license should be valid at all times (iv) […]

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Registration and hosting for the Online Quiz titled ”Bharat ko janiye”

The 3rd edition of the Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz is being organized for young overseas Indian (two categories i.e. PIOs and NRIs) and foreign nationals in 2020-21. The 2nd edition of ‘Bharat Ko Janiye’ quiz saw participation of 50,000 participants in 2018-19. The quiz is being conducted to motivate overseas Indian youth to enhance their […]

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Education in India

Education in India ICCR Scholarship for Training of Craft Instructors IOR-ARC Scholarship Scheme Studying in India for overseas students Distance education in India Visa regulations Education Consultants India Limited Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children (SPDC) Nomination under Self Financing Scheme (SFS) for foreign students (MBBS, BDS, BE, Pharmacy) Indian Universities / Colleges that are recognised […]

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People & Society

Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe with an average about three inhabitants per square km. Almost four-fifths of the country are uninhabited and mostly uninhabitable, the population being concentrated in a narrow coastal belt, valleys and the southwest corner of the country. Iceland’s population is around 330.000, 2/3 of them live in […]

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Economy & Industry

Iceland achieved an impressive economic record the last decade, with one of the highest consistent growth rates in the world and low inflation and unemployment. At the end of 2008, however, Iceland was in the headlines of the international press for unenviable reasons. In the wake of the global financial crisis, Iceland’s three largest private […]

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About Iceland

Iceland is a modern European economy with strong economic foundations in fisheries, natural renewable energy sources and human capital that will allow Iceland to overcome the economic difficulties it is going through, like so many other countries around the world. Iceland’s population 2012: 320,137 of which the vast majority or around 2/3 lives in the […]

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Nature in Iceland

In environmental terms, Iceland is unique. Iceland is a large country (103,000 km², about the same surface area as Ireland or the State of Virginia), but is sparsely populated, with only 3 persons per km² living mostly along the coast. The interior of the country contains stunning contrasts. It is largely an arctic desert, punctuated […]

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